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Heute sollten wir im Englisch Unterricht einen kurzen Bericht darüber schreiben, was wir werden wollen:




Hello, my friends.

So, after leaving school I'd like to be a writer. It's so exciting and every day I have fun.

Today, I'm 15 years old. I am registered at the "Misawa Islam Forum - Größtes, Unabhängiges Islam Forum Deutschlands". I post every day 4 or 5 threads. I teach my religion brothers and sisters the Islam, with the help from Cemil Sahinöz Abi and Serbederan Abla. We talk about Dschinns (Ghosts in Islam), about the Qur'ân and I spent my time there. I can say, it's the best hobby for me. I pray my pray, talk with my friends and do my homeworks. I left football, because every game i hurt my knee or my hand. Ough, ugly..

I have a group at Facebook which named "Fußball ist ein Sport, bei dem man sich ständig verletzt." (commercial, hihi)

The meaning ist; Football/Soccer is a sport, at which you hurt every time.

However, the idea to become a writer, I have from the Misawa Forum.

I don't want to boast, but, my german is very well. I wrote long long texts, which you can see in the internet.

And, every day is different. I have nice colleagues too.

But, sometimes I have to work late. But, I hope I can do it.

Goodbye. :wink:



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