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The city of Makkah has the honor of being the birthplace of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). With the latest news from new hotels in Makkah, we can say that Makkah is going to become the city of hotels. Other than the recent hotels Including Swiss Hotels Makkah , Saudi Arabia is all set to start a new project of hotel. Though it is still on its initial stages but news is already all over the world.


Considering the demand of customers' Saudi government is working on the new luxury hotels so that they can accommodate a large number of pilgrims along with other tourists in the hotels of Makkah. This is the place to stay for your holidays in Muslims. All five star hotels possessed amazing values of serving their guests in best possible manners. They are following the teachings of Prophet (PBUH) and will serve you in a same way.


There are many other places too. Historical places to visit Makkah must visit those sites. Makkah is also a city where Islam has been in the history of Makkah and a battle of Badr. (PBUH) awarded them with the victory. "It is the only way to achieve this. After this incident Makkah was declared to be the most protective city in the world, It is said that a person is in the shelter of Allah.


So, while you are guest of Allah feel safe in the city and enjoy the luxurious stay in top hotels like Swiss Hotel Makkah . Haramayn Hotels have wide range of hotels in Makkah and Madina registered with them. You can get all updated information about the offerings and deals and book your desired accommodation online any time at any place.

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