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Australia:Ebubekir explains how he became Muslim (englisch mit türkischen subtitles)








dauert nur 15 min. - sehenswert :)

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das ist super erzählt und erlebt, nicht wahr? :)

    "...Sitting there, reading quran, then i stopped.
    I said, Allah this is my moment, this is the time i´m about to jump into islam. All i need is just a sign. Nothing happend and i was really dissapoited

    (Then at the next page of the quran which he was reading at that moment, the following vers) :
      „For those of you who ask for signs have we not shown already, look around you, look at the stars, look at the sun, look at water. These are signs for the people of knowlegde.“


    (he went to the mosque to become muslim) - I couldn´t believe it, there were about a thousand of people, subhanallah i said, look at this religion, look how strong they are (pause) It was the first night of ramadan (laughs) Ramadan muslims ;)


    They (brothers) started kissing and hugging me.

    I have never been kissed by so many men in my life (laughs)


    InshaAllah i see you all in jannah for a kabab."

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