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Shaykh Badiuzzaman Nursi's work laid the foundations of resurgent Islam.






Turkey, once the sword arm of Islam, is slowly but surely re-emerging as a decisive power in the Middle East. In the study of Islam, Shaykh Badiuzzaman Nursi's work laid the foundations of resurgent Islam. His numerous books and countless articles have nourished the roots of Islam although he lived in times of great stress.


The Shaykh was a man of great spiritual power and inward purity and moral courage. Today millions in Turkey have made his writings an essential part of their return to Islam.


Unfortunately, individuals influenced by the western powers have tried to divert and distract the Muslims of Turkey from the Straight Path. The strategy being employed is to detach Shaykh Nursi's spirituality from the totality of his vision. The emphasis on the spiritual gives the impression that Islam should be a religion like Christianity, devoted to worship in its limited sense and preaching peace at any price. That is the line of Fethullah Gulen who has all out support from America.


The professor who spoke at Marquette University, Rev. Mitchell, with high praise for Gulen, is attached to the retinue of the Pope of Rome. In addition, he was a student of Dr. Fazlur Rahman in Chicago. Your readers may know that Dr. Fazlur Rahman was ostracized in Pakistan for his heterodox views when he tried to help the Pakistani government by attacking Hadith in a very clever and calculated way. Fazlur Rahman, being rejected by the people of Pakistan, was quickly employed by the University of Chicago.


Once Hadith is removed, the Qur'an can be "personally" interpreted. Gulen supports the Pope but hates Osama bin Laden and all Muslims doing Jihad against western powers. One can disagree with Osama but when the disagreement has a hidden purpose, which is to line up with the Pope against the Muslims, then we must look at the hidden purpose.


The appointed President of ISNA [islamic Society of North America], Dr. Ingrid Mattson worked [works?] for a Christian missionary organization known as the Hartford Seminary. She was on the editorial committee of the missionary organization' s journal when a special number of the journal was published eulogizing Gulen.


Now Mattson too has the Gulen style of intellectual dishonesty. Instead of saying: I disagree with Osama bin Laden, or that living in America we should not support him, she says something which every Muslim scholar would know is dishonest. Here is what she told CNN [October 2001]:


"Osama bin Laden and his group are not considered scholars or legitimate interpreters of religion by the vast majority of Muslims in the world. "


Readers should remember that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed's followers, known as Qadianis in Pakistan [they call themselves "ahmeddis"] pray like Hanafis, have beards, and their women wear outer coverings. You would think they are Muslims. They are rejected because they tried to create a new "Islam" under the protection of England. Not very differently, Gulen and ISNA, under U.S. protection, are developing a new Islam. They teach that getting up for Fajr is Jihad. Those who fight against the enemies of Islam are "fanatics" or "terrorists" they claim, in clear violation of Qur'an and Hadith.


Hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians have been killed by the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan, but these ISNA-Gulen type of people keep preaching that "terrorists" [meaning Muslims] kill civilians.


You are already aware of ISNA and you have stopped the spread of ISNA but keep an eye on Gulen. He may be much more dangerous, stabbing from within.



by Dr. Kaukab Siddique

Editor-in-Chief New Trend Magazine

E-Mail: butshikan@msn. com

April 14, 2008



Professor at Lincoln University (U.S.A.)

Are of Expertise: English and Journalism

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