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The Fourth Letter


In His Name be, He glorified !


And there is nothing but it glorifies him with praise.




May God's peace and mercy and blessings be upon you, and upon my brothers especially ..........


My Dear Brothers!


I am now on a high peak on Çam Dağı (Pine Mountain), at the top of a mighty pine tree in a tree-house. In lonely solitude far from men, I have grown accustomed to this isolation. When I wish for conversation with men, I imagine you to be here with me, and I talk with you and find consolation. If there is nothing to prevent it, I would like to remain alone here for one or two months. If I return to Barla, I shall search for some means for the verbal conversation with you I so long for, if you would like it. For now I am writing two or three things which come to mind here in this pine-tree.


The First: This is somewhat confidential, but no secrets are concealed from you. It is thus:


Some of the people of truth manifest the Divine Name of Loving One, and through that manifestation at a maximum degree look to the Necessarily Existent One through the windows of beings. In the same way, but just when he is employed in service of the Qur'an acid is the herald of its infinite treasuries, this brother of your's who is nothing, but nothing, has been given a state that is the means to manifesting the Divine Names of All-Compassionate and All-Wise. God willing, the Words manifest the meaning of the verse: He who has been given wisdom, has been great good!


The Second: This saying concerning the Naqshbandi Order suddenly occurred to me: "On the Naqshbandi way, one must abandon four things: the world, the Hereafter, existence, and abandoning itself." It gave rise to the following thought:


“On the way of impotence four things are necessary: absolute poverty, absolute impotence, absolute thanks, and absolute ardour, my friend.”


Then the rich and colourful poem you had written, Look at the multicoloured page of the book of the universe, etc. came to mind. I looked at the stars on the face of skies through it. I said to myself, if only I had been a poet and completed it. And although I have no ability to write poetry and verse, I still began, but it was not poetry. However it occurred to me, that Is how I wrote it. You, my heir, may transform it into poetry and set it into verse. And so, what suddenly came to mind was this:


Then listen to the stars, listen to their harmoniaus address!


See what wisdom has emblazed on the decree of its light.


Altogether they start to speak with the tongue of truth,


They address the majesty of the All-Powerful, All-Glorious One's sovereignty:


We are each of us light-scattering proofs of the existence of our Maker, We are witnesses both to His Unity and His Power,


We are subtle miracles gilding the face of the skies for the angels to gaze upon.


We are the innumerable attentive eyes of the heavens which watch the earth, which study Paradise.


We are the innumerable exquisite fruits which the hand of wisdom of the. All-Glorious and Beauteous One has fastened


To the celestial portion of the tree of creation, to all the branches of the Milky Way.


For the inhabitants of the heavens,


we are each of us a travelling mosque, a spinning house, a lofty home,


Each is an illumining lamp, a mighty ship, an aeroplane.


We are each of us a miracle of power, a wonder of creative art


Created by the Powerful One of Perfection, the All-Wise One of Glory;


A rarity of His wisdom, a marvel of His creation, a world of light.


We demonstrated to mankind innumerable proofs,


We made them hear with these innumerable tongues of ours;


But their accursed unseeing, unbelieving eyes did not see our faces,


They did not hear our words.


And we are signs that speak the truth:


Our stamp is one, our seal is one,


We are mastered by our Sustainer,


We glorify Him through our subjugation,


We recite His Names,


We are each of us in ecstasy,


A member of the mighty circle of the Milky Way.




The Enduring One, He is the Enduring One!


Said Nursi


* * *

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