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The Author of the Risale-i Nur


Bediuzzaman Said Nursi


This, the first full-length biography of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi to appear in English, answers in satisfying fashion a need so far unmet. Drawing largely on Bediuzzaman's own works and the accounts of those who either knew or met him, it describes the life, works, and struggle in the cause of Islam of this one the most important thinkers and servants of the Qur'an to emerge in the Islamic world this century. Also giving outlines of historical events, the work sets Bediuzzaman's ideas and activities in an historical context. It describes the enterprising and scholarly endeavours of Bediuzzaman's youth in the cause of the Ottoman Empire, particularly in the areas of education, constitutionalism, and Islamic Unity. And in the Second Part, traces both Bediuzzaman's silent struggle through his collection of written works, the Qur'anic commentary known as the Risale-i Nur, against the irreligion that was officially propagated in the first decades of the Turkish Republic, and the growth of the Risale-i Nur movement. This scrupulous biography, which considers all these subjects in detail, will contribute significantly to making better known to readers of English this major figure of modern Islam, and the movement he founded for the renewal of belief .

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