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The Fifth Ray


[Thirteen years ago,1 as an addendum to the discussion in Muhakemat-i Bedi‘iye, which was published thirty years ago, the draft of twenty ‘Matters’ was written about the Barrier of Dhu’l-Qarnayn, Gog and Magog, and the signs of the end of time. This has now been corrected for the sake of a dear friend, and been made the Fifth Ray.]


(The Fifth Ray of The Thirty-First Flash of The Thirty-First Letter)


NOTE: So that the purpose of the Introduction may be understood, the ‘Matters’ following the Introduction should be read first.


In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.


A point about the verse,


But already have come some tokens thereof2


was written in order to protect the belief of the mass of believers and preserve it from doubt. Like allegorical verses of the Qur’an, some Hadiths about the events of the end of time have profound meanings. They cannot be expounded in the same way as incontestable verses, and not everyone can understand them. Rather than being expounded, they are interpreted. According to the verse,


But none save God knows its final meaning (ta’wil). And those who are deeply rooted in knowledge,3


their meaning, interpretation and what is intended by them is understood only after the event, so that those firmly grounded in knowledge say:


“We believe in it; the whole [of the divine writ] is from our Sustainer,4


and they disclose those hidden truths.


This Fifth Ray contains an Introduction and twenty-three ‘Matters.’ The Introduction consists of five ‘Points.’


First Point: Since belief and accountability are a test, a trial, a competition within the bounds of man’s will, matters that are obscure, profound, and in need of careful study and experiment cannot obvious. They should not be so compelling that everyone has to affirm them willy-nilly. For in this way the Abu Bakr’s may rise to the highest of the high and the Abu Jahl’s descend to the lowest of the low. If there is no will, there is no accountability. It is because of this mystery and wisdom that miracles are displayed only rarely, and in this realm of accountability, like some allegorical verses of the Qur’an, the signs of the end of the world, which will be visible and seen, are obscure and open to interpretation. Since when the sun rises in the west it will be so clear everyone will be compelled to affirm it, the door of repentance will be closed and repentance and belief will no longer be accepted. For the Abu Bakr’s and the Abu Jahl’s will be equal in their affirmation of it. In fact, although when Jesus (Peace be upon him) comes he himself will know he is Jesus, not everyone will know. Similarly, fearsome figures such as the Dajjal and Sufyan (Antichrist)5 will not know themselves to be such.


Second Point: Some of the matters of the Unseen, outside the realm of man’s perception, that were made known to the Prophet (PBUH) were made known in detail. These he could in no way alter or interfere with, like the incontestable verses of the Qur’an and ‘Sacred’ Hadiths.6 Others, employing his eloquence, he would illustrate and explain in detail or in allegorical form suitably to the wisdom of man’s accountability. For example, one time when conversing with some people, a deep rumbling was heard. He said: “That is the sound of a rock which has been rolling down hill for seventy years and has at this moment come to rest in the very pit of Hell.”7 Five minutes after he made this strange announcement, someone came and said: “Such-and-such a dissembler has died. He was seventy years old, and has gone to Hell,” showing the meaning of the Prophet’s eloquent words.


NOTE: Minor future events not included among the truths of belief were considered unimportant by the Prophet (PBUH).


The Third Point consists of two ‘Points’:


The First: Because in the course of time ordinary people attached literal meanings to some Hadiths which had been narrated in the form of comparisons and allegories, such Hadiths are apparently not conformable with reality. Although they are pure truth, they appear not to be so. For example, two angels called Thawr and Hut,8 who are among the bearers of the earth and as though the bearers of the Throne, were conceived of as a huge ox and a gigantic fish.


The Second: Some Hadiths refer to the majority of Muslims, or to the Islamic State, or to the centre of the Caliphate, but they were understood to refer to all the people in the world. Although being particular in some respect, they were supposed to be universal and general. For instance, it says in a narration: “A time will come when no one remains who says: Allah! Allah!”9 That is, “The places where God’s name is mentioned will be closed, and the call to prayer and iqama will be recited in Turkish.”


Fourth Point: Just as for numerous reasons and instances of wisdom hidden matters of ‘the Unseen’ like death and the appointed hour remain secret, so the end of the world, which is its death and the appointed hour of mankind and that of the animal kingdom, has been left secret for many good reasons.


Yes, if the appointed hour of death was specified, the first half of life would be passed in absolute heedlessness, and the second half in absolute terror, as every day a further step was taken towards the gallows. This would destroy the wise and beneficial balance of hope and fear. Similarly, if the end of the world, its death and appointed hour, had been specified, the Early and Middle Ages would have been virtually unaffected by the idea of the hereafter, and the later ages would have been passed in terror. No pleasure or value would have remained in worldly life, nor, as an act of will, would the worship of God, between hope and fear, have held any importance or purpose. Also, if the death of the world had been specified, some of the truths of belief would have been clearly obvious and everyone would have affirmed them willy-nilly. The mystery of man’s accountability and the wisdom and purpose of belief, which are tied to man’s choice and will, would have been negated.


It is for numerous benefits such as these that matters related to the Unseen remain secret. Everyone therefore continually bears in mind both his death and his continued life, and he works both for this world and the hereafter. He is also aware that the end of the world may occur in any age, or that it may continue, and so works for eternal life within the transitoriness of this world, and strives to build the world as though he was never going to die.10


Also, if the occurrence of calamities had been specified, the man who expected one would suffer a calamity perhaps ten times greater than the actual calamity. Divine wisdom and mercy have therefore veiled the time of their occurrence and left it secret, so that the man does not suffer the misfortune. It is because most hidden cosmic events are tied to such instances of wisdom that to give news of the Unseen or to foretell events has been prohibited. In order not to be disrespectful and disobedient in the face of the principle None knows the Unseen save God, those who with dominical leave even, give news of the Unseen other than concerning man’s accountability and the truths of belief, have done so only allusively and indirectly. In fact, the good tidings about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Torah, Gospels, and Psalms, are veiled and obscure, in consequence of which some of the adherents of those scriptures put various meanings on those passages and did not believe them. However, since the wisdom in man’s accountability necessitates that the questions included among the tenets of belief are communicated explicitly and repeatedly, the Qur’an of Miraculous Exposition and its Glorious Interpreter (Peace and blessings be upon him) tell of the matters of the hereafter in detail, and of future worldly events only in summary fashion.


Fifth Point: Also, since the wonders of both the Antichrists (Dajjal), which are related to their centuries, have been narrated in connection with them, those wonders have been imagined to proceed from their persons and this has led to the narrations becoming allegorical and their true meanings being concealed. Like, for example, his travelling by aeroplane and railway train.


And, for example, it is well-known that when the Islamic Antichrist dies, the satan who serves him will shout out the news to the whole world11 from ‘Dikili Tas,’ the obelisk in Istanbul, and everyone will hear its voice saying that he is dead. That is to say, the news will be broadcast by radio, which is wonderful and leaves even satans in amazement.


Also, since the strange circumstances and fearsome activities of the Antichrist’s regime, and the covert organization and government that he founds, have been narrated as referring to his person, their true meaning has remained obscure. For example, “He will be so powerful and long-lived that only Jesus (PUH) will be able to kill him; nothing else will be able to.”12 That is, it will only be a revealed, elevated, pure religion that will be able to overturn his way and rapacious regime, and eliminate them. Such a religion will emerge among the true followers of Jesus (PUH), and it will follow the Qur’an and become united with it. On the coming of Jesus (PUH) and emergence of the true Christian religion, the Antichrist’s irreligious way will be wiped out and will cease. The Antichrist’s person could otherwise be killed by a mere germ or by influenza.


Also, the explanations and statements of some narrators, made through their own exertions and interpretations, which are open to error, have been mixed up with the words of the Hadith. Their words have been supposed to be part of the Hadith, and the meaning has been obscured. It does not appear to be conformable with reality and in a way has become allegorical.


Also, in early times the social collectivity and its collective personality had not developed as it has at the present and the idea of the isolated individual was predominant, the extensive attributes and widescale actions of the community, therefore, were ascribed to the persons who led them. In order to be worthy and fitting for superhuman, universal attributes, those persons had to have gigantic bodies and be of vast stature and have colossal power and strength a hundred times surpassing their own, so that is how they were depicted. This was not conformable with reality, and the narration became allegorical.


Also, although the circumstances and attributes of the two Antichrists differ from each other, they have been confused in narrations that have come down to us in absolute form; one has been supposed to be the other. Also, the circumstances of the Great Mahdi do not fit the narrations alluding to the earlier Mahdis, and these have become allegorical Hadiths. Imam ‘Ali (May God be pleased with him) mentions only the Islamic Antichrist.


This marks the end of the Introduction. Now we embark on the ‘Matters’.


[Now, with Divine assistance, out of hundreds of examples of those hidden events of ‘the Unseen’, twenty-three ‘Matters’ will be explained extremely concisely, since they have been spread by atheists with the idea of corrupting the beliefs of the ordinary people. I beseech dominical mercy that these ‘Matters’ will cause no harm, as the atheists surmised, but that when it is seen that each is a miraculous prophetic utterance and their true interpretations are proved and made clear, they will be an important means of strengthening the belief of the ordinary people. And I entreat my Compassionate Sustainer to forgive my faults and errors.]



The Second Station of the Fifth Ray


In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.




There is a narration which says: “The hand of the Sufyan, one of the prominent figures of the end of time, will be pierced.”


God knows best, an interpretation of this is as follows: if a person is very extravagant, indulging in dissipated amusements, he cannot hold onto his possessions; they are poured away with his wastefulness. It is said in the proverb: “So-and-so has a hole in his hand.” That is, he is very extravagant and wasteful.


Thus, this Hadith infers that the Sufyan will bind people to himself by encouraging them to be wasteful. And by arousing in them an intense greed and ambition, he will hold them in subjection through that weak vein of character. It predicts that the extravagant will become captive to him, and fall into his trap.




It says in a narration: “A fearsome person at the end of time will rise in the morning and on his forehead will be written ‘This is a disbeliever.’”13


God knows what is right, this may be interpreted as follows: the Sufyan will wear the headgear of non-believers, and make everyone else wear it. However, since it will be generally adopted under compulsion and the force of the law, when that headgear is taken into prostration [in worship], it will become rightly-guided, God willing, so that those who wear it —unwillingly— will not become unbelievers.




There is a narration: “The despotic rulers of the end of time, especially the Antichrist (Dajjal), will have false paradises and hells.”14


The knowledge is with God, an interpretation is this: it is an indication that of the prison and high school which are situated opposite the government offices and are facing each other, one will become an ugly imitation of a huri and youth of Paradise, and the other become a dungeon and torture-chamber.




There is a narration which says: “At the end of time no one will remain who will say: Allah! Allah!”15


None knows the Unseen save God, an interpretation of this must be as follows: the sufi meeting-places, the places where God’s Name is recited, and the religious schools (medrese) will be closed, and a name other than ‘Allah’ will used in the marks of Islam, such as the call to prayer and iqama. It does not mean that all mankind is going to fall into absolute disbelief, for denial of God is as irrational as denying the universe. It is not reasonable to suppose it should be thus even with the majority of people, let alone all of them. The unbelievers do not deny God, they are in error only concerning His attributes.


Another interpretation is this: so that they do not experience its terror, the spirits of the believers will be seized a little previously to the end of the world. Doomsday will erupt over the heads of the unbelievers.




There is a narration: “At the end of time, certain persons such as the Antichrist (Dajjal) will claim godhead and force others to prostrate before them.”16


God knows best, an interpretation is this: just as a nomad chieftain who denies the king imagines in himself and in other chieftains a small rulership proportionate to their power; so those who come to lead the school of Naturalists and Materialists, imagine in themselves a sort of lordship proportionate to their power, and to demonstrate their power, make their subjects bow down worshipfully before themselves and their statues, and incline their heads.




There is a narration: “The dissension of the end of time will be so terrible that no one will be able to restrain themselves.”17 It is because of this that for one thousand three hundred years, on the command of the Prophet (PBUH), all the Umma has sought refuge with God from that dissension —“from the dissension of the Antichrist and from the dissension of the end of time”— after seeking refuge from the torments of the grave.18


God knows what is best, it may be interpreted like this: the dissension of the end of time will draw souls to itself, captivating them. People will join it voluntarily, indeed, eagerly. For example, in Russia, men and women bathe naked together in the public baths. And because by nature women have a strong propensity to show off their beauty, they willingly throw themselves into that dissension and are led astray. The men too, being naturally enamoured of beauty, are defeated by their instinctual souls, and with drunken joy, fall into the fire and are burnt. Holding a fascination, the amusements, grievous sins, and innovations of the times such as dancing and the theatre, draw the pleasure-seekers around them like moths, intoxicating them. But if this occurs through absolute compulsion, the will is negated and it is not even a sin.




There is a narration: “The Sufyan will be an eminent scholar; he will fall into misguidance through his learning. Numerous other scholars will follow him.”


The knowledge is with God, an interpretation is this: although he has no means of sovereignty such as strength and power, tribes and peoples, courage and riches, like a king, he will win that position through his cleverness, science, and political acumen, and through his intelligence he will bewitch the minds of many other scholars, making them dictate his wishes. He will attract numerous teachers to support him, and pointing out to them the way to an education system stripped of religious instruction, will work for its widespread enforcement.




Narrations state that the terrible dissension of the Antichrist (Dajjal) will occur among Muslims, so that all the Umma have sought refuge with God from it.


None knows the Unseen save God, an interpretation is this: the Muslims’ Antichrist is different. In fact, like Imam ‘Ali (May God be pleased with him), some investigative scholars said that the Muslims’ Antichrist (Dajjal) is the Sufyan. He will appear from among the Muslims and will carry out his work through deception. The Great Dajjal of the unbelievers is different.19 For those who do not bow to the absolute force and compulsion of the Great Dajjal are martyrs, and those who submit unwillingly are not unbelievers, and not sinners, even.




In narrations, the events associated with the Sufyan and those of the future are depicted as occurring in the region of Damascus and in Arabia.


God knows best, an interpretation is this: since in early times the centres of the Caliphate were in Iraq, Damascus, and Medina, on their own interpretations, the narrators showed these events as occurring close to the centre of Islamic government, as though it was always going to remain thus, and said Aleppo and Damascus. They added their own details to the succinct predictions of the Hadith.




Narrations mention the extraordinary power of the figures of the end of time.


The knowledge is with God, its interpretation is this, that it is an allusion to the vast collective personality those figures represent. At one time, the Commander-in-Chief of the Japanese Army, which had defeated Russia, was shown in a picture with one foot in the Pacific Ocean and the other foot in the fort of Port Arthur. The vastness of its collective personality was depicted in the representation of his person, and in the gigantic form of the representation. As for their extraordinarily vast power, since most of the affairs they carry out are destructive and related to the appetites, they appear to have extraordinary power, for destruction is easy; one match can burn down a village. As for the satisfying the animal appetites, since it is what the instinctual soul wants, it is much sought after.




There is a narration which says: “At the end of time, one man will look after forty women.”20


God knows what is best, this may be interpreted in two ways:


Firstly: Lawful marriage will decrease at that time, or like in Russia, it will disappear. Someone who flees from being tied to one woman, will remain at a loose end, and become a shepherd to forty unfortunate women.


The Second: It is an allusion that at that time of dissension, most of the men will perish in wars, and for some reason most of the children born will be girls. Perhaps as well, the total freedom of women will so inflame their lust that they will acquire innate superiority over their menfolk. This will result in their causing their children to take after them, and through the Divine command, girl children will be more numerous.




It says in narrations : “The Dajjal’s first day will be a year, his second day a month, his third day a week, and his fourth day a day.”21


None knows the Unseen save God, this may be interpreted in two ways:


The First: It is an allusion and sign that the Great Dajjal will appear near the North Pole or towards the north. For close to the North Pole the whole year is one day and one night. If he comes a day’s journey in this direction by train in the summer, for a month the sun never sets. If he comes a day further in this direction, the sun is visible for a whole week. When I was a prisoner-of-war in Russia I was close to this region. That means it foretells miraculously that the Great Dajjal will attack from the North in this direction.


The Second Interpretation: The three days refer to both the Great Dajjal and the Islamic Dajjal having three periods of despotism. With elevated eloquence it informs the Umma that “in his first day; in his first period of government, he will perform works so great they could not be performed in three hundred years. On his second day, that is, in his second period, he will carry out such works as could not be carried out in thirty years. In his third day and period, the transformations he will bring about could not be brought about in ten years. While in his fourth day and period he will be reduced to the ordinary and do nothing, only try to maintain his position.”




There is a definite, sound narration which says: “Jesus (Peace be upon him) will kill the Great Dajjal.”22


The knowledge is with God, there are two aspects to this:


The First Aspect: It could only be a wondrous person with the power of miracles who could kill and change the way of the awesome Dajjal, who will preserve himself through wonders, bestowed on him by God in order to lead him astray, such as magic, hypnotic powers, and spiritualism, and will spellbind everyone. And that person will be Jesus (Peace be upon him), who is the prophet of the majority of mankind, and whom most people follow.


The Second Aspect is this: It will be the truly pious followers of Jesus who will kill the gigantic collective personality of materialism and irreligion which the Dajjal will form —for the Dajjal will be killed by Jesus’ (PUH) sword— and destroy his ideas and disbelief, which are atheistic. Those truly pious Christians will blend the essence of true Christianity with the essence of Islam and rout the Dajjal with their combined strength, in effect killing him. The narration: “Jesus (Peace be upon him) will come and will perform the obligatory prayers behind the Mahdi and follow him,”23 alludes to this union, and to the sovereignty of the Qur’an and its being followed.




It says in a narration: “The Dajjal will draw his main strength from the Jews. The Jews will follow him willingly.”24


God knows best, we can say that in part this narration’s meaning was fulfilled in Russia, for the Jews, who have been persecuted by every state, gathered in large numbers in Germany in order to take their revenge. Then, due to the important role he played in the founding of the revolutionary communist party, the terrible Trotsky, who was a Jew, took over the leadership of the Russian Army, then the government after the famous Lenin, who had trained him, and they set fire to Russia and laid waste whatever it had achieved over a thousand years. They showed that they were the secret revolutionary committee of the Dajjal and they carried out some of his works. They caused serious upheavals in other countries as well, and fomented much trouble.




The events involving Gog and Magog are mentioned concisely in the Qur’an, and there are some details of them in narrations. Those details are not firmly established like the concise but incontrovertible matters of the Qur’an, and may be considered allegorical. They require interpretation. Indeed, they need to be interpreted, for the narrators’ interpretations have been mixed in with them.


Yes, None knows the Unseen save God, one interpretation is this: it is an allusion and indication that just as the Manchurian and Mongol tribes, which in the heavenly tongue of the Qur’an are called “Gog and Magog,”25 together with some other tribes, several times overturned Asia and Europe; so will they again cause chaos in the world in the future. In fact even now some of them are famous anarchists, and anarchy is born of communism.


Yes, socialism sprang up in the French Revolution from the seed of libertarianism. Then since socialism destroyed certain sacred matters, the ideas it inculcated turned into bolshevism. And because bolshevism corrupted even more sacred moral and human values, and those of the human heart, of course the seeds it sowed will produce anarchy, which recognizes no restrictions whatsoever and has respect for nothing. For if respect and compassion quit the human heart, those with such hearts become exceedingly cruel beasts and can no longer be governed through politics. Just the place for the idea of anarchy will be those oppressed, numerous raiding tribes, which are backward in respect of both civilization and government. The people who fit those conditions are the Manchurian, Mongol, and some of the Kirghiz tribes, who caused the building of the Great Wall of China, which is forty-days’ distance in length and is one of the seven wonders of the world. Expounding the Qur’an’s concise statements about them, Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) predicted their appearance miraculously and precisely.




It says in a narration in connection with Jesus (Peace be upon him) killing the Dajjal: “The Dajjal will have a colossal form, he will be extraordinarily big and taller than a minaret, while Jesus (PUH) will be very small in comparison.”26


None knows the Unseen save God, one interpretation must be as follows: it is an allusion and sign that quantitively the spiritual community of mujahidên who will recognize Jesus (Peace be upon him) and follow him, will be very few and small comparatively to the ‘scientific’, physical armies of the Dajjal.




It says in a narration: “The day the Dajjal appears all the world will hear. He will travel the world in forty days and have a wondrous ass.”27


God knows best, on condition such narrations are completely sound, they miraculously predict that in the time of the Dajjal, the means of communication and travel will have so advanced that an event will be heard by all the world in a day. It will be shouted out by the radio and will be heard in east and west, and will be read about in all the newspapers. One man will travel the whole world in forty days and see the seven continents and seventy countries. These narrations thus miraculously foretold the telegraph, telephone, radio, railway, and aeroplane ten centuries before they appeared.


Moreover, the Dajjal will be heard not in his capacity as the Dajjal, but as a despotic king. And his travelling everywhere will not be to occupy those places, but to create dissension and to seduce people away from the right path. His mount or ass is either a railway train, one ear and head of which is an infernal firebox, and the other ear of which is a false paradise gorgeously adorned and furnished. He sends his enemies to its fiery head, and his friends to its feasting head. Or else his mount is an awesome motor car, or a plane, or... (silence!)




There is a narration which says: “If my community advances on the straight path, it will have one day.”28 That is, in accordance with the meaning of the verse,


On a day the space whereof will be [as] a thousand years of your reckoning,29


it will have rule and splendour for a thousand years. If it does not proceed on the straight path, it will have a day of five hundred years, and will be dominant and victorious for only five hundred years.


God knows best, this narration is not giving news of the end of the world, but of Islam’s victorious rule and the sovereignty of the Caliphate, for miraculously, that is exactly how it turned out. For because towards the end of the ‘Abbasid Caliphate its politicians lost their sense of direction, it continued only five hundred years. But because the Umma in general did not deviate from the straight path, the Ottoman Caliphate came to its assistance and it took over the rule of the Umma, which has continued in existence for one thousand three hundred years. Then because the Ottoman politicians were unable to maintain their direction, its Caliphate survived only five hundred years (as the Caliphate), and with its demise it confirmed the Hadith’s miraculous prediction. This Hadith has been discussed in other treatises, so we curtail the discussion here.




In the narrations are various different prophecies about the Mahdi (May God be pleased with him), who is one of the signs of the end of time and will be from the Family of the Prophet. In fact, some scholars and saints stated long ago that he had appeared.


God knows best what is right, one interpretation of these various narrations is this: the Great Mahdi will have numerous functions. He will carry out duties in the world of politics, the world of religion, the world of government, and in the many spheres of the world of jihad. Similarly, since every century at a time of despair people are in need of a sort of Mahdi to strengthen their morale or for the possibility of a Mahdi appearing at that time to assist them, through Divine mercy, every age or perhaps every century a sort of Mahdi has appeared from among the Prophet’s (PBUH) descendants, and preserved his forefather’s Shari‘a and revived his Sunna. The narrations about the Mahdi are various because Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) saw persons who would perform some of the Great Mahdi’s works; for example, the ‘Abbasid Mahdi in the world of politics, and Gawth al-A‘zam,30 Shah Naqshband,31 the four spiritual poles,32 and Twelve Imams in the world of religion. For this reason some of the people of reality said that he had already appeared. Anyway, since this matter has been explained in the Risale-i Nur, we refer discussion of it to that and here only say this:


There is no family in the world so mutually supportive, nor a tribe in such agreement, nor so enlightened a community or society as the family, tribe, community and society of the Prophet’s Family.


Yes, the Prophet’s Family has raised hundreds of sacred heroes, and produced thousands of spiritual leaders of the Umma, and has been nurtured with the leaven of the reality of the Qur’an and the light of belief and honour of Islam, and has thus been perfected. It is therefore totally reasonable that through reviving the Shari‘a of Muhammad (PBUH) and his Sunna and the reality of the Qur’an at the end of time, and proclaiming them and putting them into practice, they should display to the world the perfect justice and veracity of the Great Mahdi, their Commander-in-Chief. This is also both necessary and essential and demanded by the principles of human society.




The sun rising in the west33 and the emergence from the earth of the Beast (Dabbat al-Ard).34


The sun rising in the west will be a self-evident sign of the end of the world, and because it is self-evident, it will be a heavenly event which closes the door of repentance, which is tied to the will and reason. Its meaning is therefore clear, and is in no need of interpretation. One may just say the following:


God knows best, its apparent cause will be this: with the disappearance from the head of the earth of the Qur’an, which is like its intelligence, the earth will go mad. With Divine permission, on another planet colliding with it, its rotation will be reversed. Through Divine will, its journeying from west to east will be reversed to from east to west, and the sun will start to rise in the west. Yes, the Qur’an is ‘the firm cord of God’35 which binds the earth to the sun, and the ground to the Divine Throne. If its gravity is broken, the string holding the earth would be undone, it would become dizzy and deranged, and with its reversed uncontrolled motion, the sun would rise in the west. There is another interpretation, which is that due to a collision, Doomsday would break forth at the Divine command.


As for the Beast (Dabbat al-Ard), in the Qur’an is an extremely concise indication, a brief expression made by its tongue of disposition. As for its details, like with some other matters, I do not know with any certainty for the present. I can only say this much: None knows the Unseen save God, just as the people of Pharaoh were visited by plagues of locusts and fleas, and the people of Abraha, who were trying to destroy the Ka‘ba, were attacked by “flights of birds;”36 so too, for the purpose of bringing to their senses those people who knowingly and willingly rebel due to the dissension of the Sufyan and Dajjals, and through the anarchy of Gog and Magog embark on corruption and savagery, and fall into irreligion, disbelief, and denial, a beast will emerge from the earth and beset and rout them. God knows best, that beast is a species. For even if huge, a single creature could not be everywhere. That means there will be a truly terrible species of animal. Perhaps, as indicated by the verse,


Except a little worm of the earth, which kept [slowly] gnawing away at his staff,37


that creature will be a sort of termite, called “Dabbat al-Ard,” which will gnaw away at the bones of men as though they were wooden, establishing themselves in every part of their bodies, from their teeth to their finger-nails. By making the creature speak on the question of belief, the verse38 indicates that through the blessing of belief and their avoiding vice and abuses, the believers will be saved from it.


O our Sustainer! Do not take us to task if we forget or do wrong.39


Glory be unto You! We have no knowledge save that which you have taught us; indeed, You are All-Knowing, All-Wise.40



Three Brief Matters


Complementing the Previous Twenty Matters




Just as in some narrations, Jesus (Peace be upon him) is called “the Messiah” (al-Masih), so are both Dajjals called Messiah, and in all the narrations it says: “... from the dissension of the Messiah Antichrist (al-Masih al-Dajjal) ... from the dissension of the Messiah Antichrist (al-Masih al-Dajjal).” What is the wisdom and meaning of this?


The Answer: God knows best, the wisdom in it is this: just as at the Divine command, Jesus (Peace be upon him) abrogated some of the burdensome ordinances of the Mosaic Law, making lawful some things agreeable to the appetites like wine, so too at the command of Satan and due to his temptations, the Great Dajjal will abrogate the injunctions of the Christian Law, and destroying the bonds in accordance with which the life of Christian society is administered, he will prepare the ground for anarchy and Gog and Magog. Similarly, the Sufyan, the Islamic Dajjal, due to the devices of Satan and the evil-commanding soul, will try to abrogate some of the eternal injunctions of the Shari‘a of Muhammad (PBUH), and destroying the material and spiritual bonds of human life, and leaving headstrong, drunken, giddy souls without restriction, he will unfasten the luminous chains of respect and compassion. By giving people a freedom which is pure despotism so they fall on one another in a swamp of putrid lust, he will open up the way to a terrible anarchy. There will then be no way those people can be kept under control other than by the most repressive despotism.




Mentioned in the narrations are the wondrous achievements of the two Dajjals, and their superhuman power and majesty. It is foretold even that some unfortunates will ascribe a sort of godhead to them. What is the reason for this?


The Answer: The knowledge is with God, their achievements being so great and extraordinary is because since they mostly consist of destruction and exciting the appetites, they carry out those works easily, so that it says in one narration: “A single of their days is a year.” That is, the works they carry out in one year would not normally be carried out in three hundred. There are four aspects of and reasons for their power appearing to be superhuman:


• The First: Since, as the result of a Divine scheme permitting them to do so, the good things and advances which are achieved through the strength of brave armies and active nations in their despotic, huge states, are unjustly attributed to them, it leads to their persons being imagined to have the power of a thousand men. But rightfully and according to the rules, the positive good, honour, and booty won through the actions of a community should be divided among the community and given to its members. And any evils, destruction, and losses should be ascribed to its leader’s lack of precautions and faults. For example, if a batallion conquers a citadel, the booty and honour is due to their bayonets. While if there are any losses due to faulty planning, they are the commander’s.


Thus, entirely contrarily to this fundamental principle of truth and reality, since positive progress and all things good are ascribed to those fearsome leaders, and negative developments and evils are attributed to their unfortunate peoples, as the result of a Divine scheme, those persons, who deserve to be abominated by everyone, are loved by all the heedless and neglectful.


• The Second Aspect and Reason: Because both Dajjals employ the severest despotism, the greatest tyranny, and the maximum violence and terror, they appear to have vast power. Yes, a despotism so extraordinary that under the cloak of laws, they intervene in everyone’s consciences and religious beliefs, and even their clothes. It is my guess that with a premonition of the future the lovers of freedom at the end of the last century perceived this awesome despotism, and letting fly their arrows at it, attacked it. But they were sorely mislead and attacked on the wrong front. It is tyranny and coercion so great that it wipes out a hundred villages because of one man, punishing hundreds of innocent people and ruining them by forced migrations.


• The Third Aspect and Reason: Because both Dajjals will win the assistance of a secret Jewish society which nurtures a terrible desire for revenge on Islam and Christianity, and that of another secret society which uses women’s liberation as a screen, and because the Islamic Dajjal will deceive even the Masonic lodges and win their support, they will be supposed to possess tremendous power. Also, it is understood from the divinations of some of the saints that the Dajjal called Sufyan who will come to lead the Islamic world will be a leading politician who is extremely capable, intelligent, and active, does not like ostentation and gives no importance to personal rank and glory; he will be a military leader who is extremely bold, forceful, energetic, and resolute, and does not condescend to fame-seeking, and he will captivate the Muslims. Taking advantage of their lack of hypocrisy, he will have their extraordinarily brilliant works ascribed to himself, as well as the progress they have achieved driven by the severe need arising from the transformation and renewal of the large army and state and the upheavals of the First World War, and he will have it bruited everywhere by eulogists that he possesses a wondrous and extraordinary power.


• The Fourth Aspect and Reason: The Great Dajjal will have spellbinding, charismatic qualities. While the Islamic Dajjal will have fascinating, hypnotic powers in one eye. It even says in narrations: “The Dajjal will be blind in one eye.”41 By drawing attention to this and pointing out that one of the Great Dajjal’s eyes will be blind, and one eye of the other Dajjal will be blind in comparison with his other eye, the Hadith is indicating that since they will be absolute unbelievers, they will have only one eye and their sight will be restricted to this world, and they will have no eyes that see the hereafter and consequences of actions.


I too saw the Islamic Dajjal in a spirit world. I observed with my own eyes that he possessed a spellbinding hypnotic power in one of his eyes, and I understood him to be a total denier of God. He will attack religion and the sacred with a boldness and insolence arising from his absolute denial. But since the ordinary people will not know the truth of the matter, they will suppose it to be an extraordinary power and courage.


Also, because such a magnificent, lucky, successful, and cunning commander, who is merely being led on by God, appears at the time of a heroic and glorious nation’s defeat, with their love of heroism the people will applaud and fete him without considering his hidden, terrible true nature, and will want to cover up his iniquities. However, it is understood from narrations that through the light of belief and light of the Qur’an in their spirits, the heroic, mujahid army and religious nation will see the truth and will try to repair that commander’s terrible destruction.




This consists of three instructive incidents.


First Incident: One time, God’s Noble Messenger (Peace and blessings be upon him) pointed out to ‘Umar (May God be pleased with him) one of a group of Jewish children, and said: “He is his very image!” ‘Umar said: “Then I shall kill him!” But God’s Messenger (PBUH) replied: “If that is the Sufyan, the Islamic Dajjal, you cannot kill him. And if it is not, he cannot be killed through his image.”42


This narration indicates that at the time of his rule, the Sufyan’s image will appear on numerous things, and that he will be born a Jew. It is strange that although ‘Umar (May God be pleased with him) was sufficiently angry and hostile towards him to be able to kill a child resembling him, someone the Sufyan most admired and liked and spoke off with praise and appreciation turned out to be ‘Umar.


Second Incident: Many people narrated that the Islamic Dajjal will be curious about the meaning of the Sura, By the fig and the olive,43 and will ask about it.


It is strange but the verse Nay, but man transgresses all bounds44 in the following Sura, Read! In the name of your Sustainer,45 according to jafr reckoning and its meaning, also indicates his time and person, pointing out that he will overweeningly aggress against the mosques and the people who perform the prayers. That is to say, that man, who is being led on by God, perceives that a short Sura is concerned with him, but makes a mistake and knocks on its neighbour’s door.


Third Incident: It says in a narration: “The Islamic Dajjal will appear in Khorasan.”46


None knows the Unseen save God, an interpretation of it is this: the Turks, the bravest and most numerous and powerful people of the east and the heroic army of Islam, were at the time of the narration, around the region of Khorasan and had not yet made their homeland in Anatolia. By mentioning the region they inhabited, it is indicating that the Sufyan Dajjal would appear from among them.


It is strange, exceedingly strange, he will temporarily try to use the Turkish nation and Turkism, which for seven hundred years has been a flashing diamond sword, a mark of honour, in the hand of Islam and the Qur’an, against some of the marks of Islam. But he will not be successful and will withdraw. It is understood from the narrations that “The heroic army will save it, taking the reins from his hand.”


And God knows what is best * None knows the Unseen save God.






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